Hot & Cold Rolled Bars Supplier

Chatham stocks a wide range of carbon bar in all popular sizes. Add our precision production sawing services, Mill Test Reports and reliable next-day delivery, and we’ll be your first choice, time after time.

Hot and cold rolled bars offer an excellent combination of strength, flexibility, and formability. These products are available in different grades such as carbon steel flat bars, 1018 round bars, and ASTM A36 flat bars.

Flat Bars

Carbon steel flat bars combine the strength of solid structural steel with the formability and adaptability of mild steel. Common grades such as 1018 and A36 flat bars are easy to work with, making them ideal for various construction and fabrication projects.

Round Bars

Round bars are available in various diameters and weights, and are widely used in building work, fabrication, and even precision machining and decoration. Round bars ensure superior surface finish and accurate dimensions, making them essential for architectural frameworks, supports, shafts, beams, and pivots.As a practical alternative to standard black mild steel, carbon steel rods, carbon steel round bars, and cold rolled round bars provide reliable performance for a variety of projects.

Square Bars

Square bars are often preferred for general repairs of plant equipment, railings, and more in commercial settings. Their shape, diameter, and lightweight nature make them highly suitable for both commercial and residential projects. Square bars deliver exceptional results in a highly desired format.

Hot Rolled Oval and Half-Round Bars

Steel and metal oval or half-round bars are another option for architectural applications requiring a certain aesthetic. Joining to flat surfaces, hot rolled oval and half-round bars are often used for trim and molding in construction, especially in homes and office buildings.

Flat Bars and Strips

Flat (or rectangular) bars and strips are some of the most used steel bars in construction, found in everything from home and business constructions to household appliances and more. Chatham Steel offers a wide range of steel flat/rectangular bars for a wide variety of applications, including carbon steel flat bars, strips, universal mill plates, and more.


Hot rolled steel and metal angles are another important offering from Chatham Steel. Equal angles offer two legs at the same size positioned in a 90-degree angle for exceptional rigidity and strength. Metal angles can also be used with unequal lengths or different angles for other construction purposes.

Tee Bars

Steel tee bars are most often used for bearing weight and resisting compressive stresses. Chatham Steel also offers structural tees upon request.

At Chatham Steel, we offer a wide selection of high-quality hot and cold rolled bars to meet your specific requirements. Our bars are proven to ensure exceptional performance and durability in every application. Fast turnarounds combined with precision cut-to-length services and our extensive mill and vendor contacts makes Chatham Steel a valuable asset to your team. Partner with Chatham Steel for all your steel needs, and experience a higher level of service, product, and reliability. With over 3,000 customers throughout North America and worldwide, Chatham Steel has a well-earned reputation for ethical business practices for over a hundred years.

In 1998, Chatham joined Reliance Steel & Aluminum, expanding inventory and processing services through a network of 315 locations in 40 states and 12 countries outside of the US. With OSHA-certified locations in Georgia, Alabama, North and South Carolina, and Florida, Chatham Steel is prepared to offer you the largest selection of structural steel products, as well as the first rate steel processing services to go along with it. Contact us today!

Rolled Bar Product Buyer’s Guide

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