Plate Processing at Chatham Steel Service Centers

For plate and sheet processing, Chatham provides exceptional cutting tolerances and quality workmanship that will save you time and money on your pre-production processing—carbon, high strength, stainless and aluminum. Whether you need one piece or hundreds, each order is carefully processed to your specifications. Mill Test Reports for maximum quality assurance and traceability are available. We can assure fast turnaround, too, so you can count on Chatham to meet your timeline, every time.

Plate processing plays a critical role in customized steel solutions for our clients. Chatham Steel’s comprehensive plate processing services encompass a variety of cutting, forming, and shaping techniques that are essential for meeting the unique requirements of each project. From flame cutting, laser cutting and plasma cutting to CNC machining and plate rolling, Chatham Steel offers a wide array of services that ensure our customers receive precisely processed steel plates that align with their specific needs.

Cutting Services

Our oxy-acetylene cutting, also known as flame cutting, is a traditional yet highly effective method for cutting heavy steel plates. This process uses a high-temperature flame to heat and subsequently remove excess material from the plate. The result is a clean, precise cut that is suitable for a range of applications, including structural components and machinery parts. Plasma cutting employs a high-velocity jet of ionized gas to cut through steel plates with remarkable speed and precision. This method is particularly useful for intricate designs and fine detailing, making it ideal for projects requiring complex and highly detailed cuts.Shearing is a versatile method for cutting steel plates with straight, uniform edges. It is often used for simpler shapes and is a cost-effective choice for quick and precise cuts.

Forming Services

Our plate forming services encompass a wide range of techniques such as brake forming and roll forming. Steel plates can be bent or formed to a specific angle or shape using a press brake. Plate rolling is the process of shaping steel plates into cylinders, cones, and other curved forms. Our plate rolling capabilities enable us to provide curved or bent plate components tailored to the needs of our customers. Chatham Steel also offers plate beveling services, including CNC beveling, for creating angled edges or chamfers on steel plates.

Punching and Drilling

Chatham Steel provides punching and drilling services for creating holes and perforations in steel plates. This is essential for attaching fasteners, hinges, or other components.

Formed Parts

Our expertise in steel plate processing extends to the creation of formed parts. Chatham Steel can transform flat plates into complex, three-dimensional components that meet specific project requirements, such as curved structural elements or custom machinery parts.

Our commitment to precision and excellence in plate processing services ensures that our clients receive steel plates and components that are ready for use in a variety of applications. From heavy steel plate forming to intricate laser cutting, our extensive capabilities enable us to meet the needs of diverse industries while serving our customer base across the Southeastern United States. Whether you are located in Mississippi, Tennessee, Virginia, Alabama, Georgia, North and South Carolina, or Florida, Chatham Steel has the plate processing services to deliver quality steel products that align with your unique project demands.

Plate and Sheet Processing Buyer’s Guide

Specifications by Type of Sheet
Hot Rolled Black Sheets
Cold Rolled Black Sheets
Standard Weight of Gauges
Galvanized Sheets
Perforated Sheets
Carbon Steel Plates
Floor Plates
Abrasion-Resistant Steel Plate
Rectangular Sheared Plates
Other Available Products and Grades
Aluminium Sheets and Plates
Stainless Steel Sheets
Stainless Plates
Diamond Floor Plates