For nearly a century, Chatham has built a reputation for excellence in quality, service and responsiveness. And today, that same quality and service ethic is available to customers in the nuclear industry. Chatham Steel has become the nuclear industry’s new and better option for supplying nuclear safety-critical materials.

Chatham offers its customers the Chatham Steel edge:

A RARE Partnership

Chatham Steel’s collaborative relationships help its partners meet their unique challenges. Chatham prides itself on being a RARE partner to all of its nuclear customers.
The company describes RARE as:
Responsible –A company that believes outstanding service should
co-exist with adherence to the most stringent safety and quality standards. A partner that delivers safety-critical materials on time and within budget.
Accountable –A single-source supplier that provides complete
documentation and unparalleled accountability.
Reliable –A proven track record of almost 100 years of reliable service.
Effective –A partner that offers exceptional quality and service, and
provides the most effective solutions. Chatham understands and adheres to the safety-critical standards of the nuclear industry.

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