Plate & Sheet

For plate and sheet processing, Chatham provides exceptional cutting tolerances and quality workmanship that will save you time and money on your pre-production processing—carbon, high strength, stainless and aluminum. Whether you need one piece or hundreds, each order is carefully processed to your specifications. Mill Test Reports for maximum quality assurance and traceability are available. We can assure fast turnaround, too, so you can count on Chatham to meet your time line, every time.

Plasma, Oxy-fuel and Shearing

Chatham’s experienced CAD operators work from your drawings or CAD files. Our CNC burning system provides uniform parts and shapes, time after time. Burning capabilities cover plate up to 14″ thick, in widths up to 12′ and lengths up to 60′.

Sheet & PlatePlasmaOxy-fuelShearing
High Strength2"14"Inquire


Bending/folding on carbon steel plate 1/2″ thick to 12′ wide to meet your specifications. Precision sheet folding up to 7 gauge by 10′ long material.

Full CNC Machining

For CNC machining, our Haas machining centers assure close tolerance milling and drilling.
With our 80″ x 100″ travel Chatham can machine some of the largest parts in the area.


Exacting and on-time, for your specific needs

CNC Beveling

Up to 45º on a 11⁄4″ plate.


The QuickMill Intimidator can drill mild steel up to 12 inches per minute. The powerful 75 hp spindle
motor allows for extremely fast production times. It will drill high strength alloy steels and stainless
steels at high speeds as well by using Carbide Insert tooling. It can Mill, Drill, Countersink and Bevel a
multitude of applications. The Quick-Mill Intimidator has a 118″ x 125″ work area and is designed to
accommodate wide and extremely long plates by the use of a repositioning probe. The spindle has a
24″ vertical travel and the table has no weight restrictions.

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