Structural Processing

Not only will you get the deepest inventory and fastest delivery from Chatham, you can also expect the most exacting processing for all your structural orders.

Chatham Steel is a leading steel supplier serving a diverse customer base across Mississippi, Tennessee, Virginia, Alabama, Georgia, North and South Carolina, and Florida. Structural processing services play a critical role in providing customized steel solutions. Our extensive structural processing capabilities encompass a wide array of techniques, including saw cutting, drilling, rolling, notching, punching, and cambering. These services are vital for shaping steel , beams into tees, and other structural components that meet the exact specifications of our clients’ projects.

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Structural Processing Buyer’s Guide

Specifications by Material
Structural Shapes Beams
Structural Shapes Angles
Structural Shapes Channels
Stainless Angles
Stainless Flats
Aluminium Beams, Channels, and Angles