Bar, Pipe, & Tube Processing

Chatham Steel provides state-of-the-art bar, pipe, and tube processing services for their clients.

Our comprehensive bar, pipe, and tube processing capabilities encompass a wide range of techniques, including cut-to-length sawing, mitre cutting, punching, drilling, and rolling.

Our sawing services provide precise and efficient cuts to shape steel bars, pipes, and tubes. Cut-to-length sawing ensures that steel products are precisely tailored to the desired lengths. Mitre cutting creates precise angled cuts in steel components, facilitating the creation of accurate joints and connections in structures and machinery.

Punching and drilling play a crucial part in many processing services, and Chatham Steel offers precision punching and drilling services that encompass a range of processes, including hole drilling, countersinking, counterboring, tapping, and milling. Whether it’s sawing to create precise lengths for structural supports, mitre cutting for accurate connections in machinery, or drilling and punching to accommodate fasteners in pipes and tubes, Chatham Steel ensures that steel components are ready for use in a variety of applications.

Our reach extends across multiple states, including Mississippi, Tennessee, Virginia, Alabama, Georgia, North and South Carolina, and Florida. Chatham Steel takes pride in serving a broad customer base across the Southeastern United States, providing them with high-quality steel products and processing services that meet the demanding requirements of their projects.

Chatham Steel is dedicated to offering top-notch bar, pipe, and tube processing services that enable our clients to receive steel components that are ideally suited for their specific applications. Chatham Steel understands the importance of precision and customization in delivering steel products that meet the exacting demands of our customers, no matter where they are located within our service area. Our comprehensive processing capabilities ensure that steel products align seamlessly with project specifications, serving a wide range of industries and applications.

Bar, Pipe, and Tubing Buyer’s Guide

Specifications by Type of Product
Carbon Steel Tubing
Welded Stainless Pipe
Stainless Tubing
Aluminium Rectangular and Round Bars
Aluminium Pipes
Stainless Round and Square Bar
Hot and Cold Bar Shapes