Structural Processing at Chatham Steel’s Service Centers

Not only will you get the deepest inventory and fastest delivery from Chatham, you can also expect the most exacting processing for all your structural orders.

Chatham Steel is a leading steel supplier serving a diverse customer base across Mississippi, Tennessee, Virginia, Alabama, Georgia, North and South Carolina, and Florida. Structural processing services play a critical role in providing customized steel solutions. Our extensive structural processing capabilities encompass a wide array of techniques, including saw cutting, drilling, rolling, notching, punching, and cambering. These services are vital for shaping steel , beams into tees, and other structural components that meet the exact specifications of our clients’ projects.

Saw cutting services provide accurate and efficient cuts to shape steel beams and other structural components, ensuring that they fit seamlessly into construction projects. Cutting steel to the desired length is a fundamental service Chatham Steel offers to ensure that the steel components are precisely tailored to the project requirements.

Drilling services include straight line directional drilling, countersinking, counterboring, tapping, and milling. Plate rolling and beam rolling allows us to shape steel into cylinders, cones, and other curved forms. This is invaluable for constructing structural elements that require specific shapes and contours. Our notching services include slotting and cutting, enabling us to create precise notches and slots in steel components. Punching is essential for perforating steel plates, making them suitable for various fastening methods and attachments. Cambering, or bending steel to have a slight curvature, is vital for ensuring that steel beams can support heavier loads and resist deflection over long spans. Beam splitting allows us to create two beams from a single one, optimizing the use of materials.

Our structural processing services include splitting and straightening tees, ensuring that tees are precisely shaped and meet project specifications.

Our straightening services are vital for correcting any deviations in the steel’s shape, ensuring that structural components are properly aligned and functional. Cut-to-size structural services ensure that steel beams and other components are precisely shaped to fit into a project’s design. Miter cutting creates precise angled cuts, which is essential for achieving accurate joints and connections in steel structures. Bundle cutting streamlines the processing of multiple steel components at once, increasing efficiency and reducing production time.

Chatham Steel is committed to providing top-tier structural processing services that enable our clients to receive steel components that perfectly align with their project specifications. Our extensive capabilities serve a diverse array of industries. Customers across the Southeastern United States can rely on our structural processing services to deliver high-quality steel products that meet the exacting demands of their projects.

Structural Processing Buyer’s Guide

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