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Chatham Steel is an established market leader in carbon steel structural products, so you can count on us to have the materials you need. With our experience and inventory, we’re accurate and fast, every time you call. And if there’s something more you need, we’ll find it. You have our word on it.

Beams, channels and angles are stocked in a vast number of sizes and lengths for unmatched service and turnaround. Mill Test Reports are available for quality assurance, and we will provide material sequencing when you need it.

Chatham Steel is one of the leading steel and metal shape suppliers in the Southeastern United States. Below is an outline of the diverse lines of steel and metal shapes offered by Chatham Steel. Examples include: wide flange beams, standard beams, I-beams, jumbo beams, miscellaneous channels, standard channels, bar channels, structural zees, structural angles, bar angles, clip angles, and slotted angle iron. We carry all of the standard sizes and shapes, as well as difficult-to-find hollow structural steel sizes in incremental lengths. Many sizes are available in lengths of: 28′, 32′, 36′, 40′, 44′, 48′, 52′, or 60′.

Structural Angles

Our structural angles are crafted from premium carbon steel, ensuring unparalleled durability and longevity. These angles are essential components in various construction and engineering applications, providing critical support and stability to your structures. Please use angle or angle iron instead of angle bars


Angles, also known as angle irons, are versatile steel bars characterized by their L-shaped cross-section. These bars are widely used in framing, supports, and various structural applications, offering superior strength and load-bearing capabilities.

Clip Angles

Clip angles are essential components in the construction industry, used to connect and secure various structural elements. These precision-crafted angle clips ensure seamless connections and reinforce the overall stability of your projects.

Punched Angles and Punched Flat Bars

Punched angles and punched flat bars are designed with precision-drilled holes for easy and efficient fastening. These pre-punched components save valuable time during assembly, allowing for faster and more streamlined construction processes.


As crucial load-bearing members in construction, wide flange beams ensure robust support for your structures. From HP beams to JR beams, M beams to wide flange beams, we have the perfect beam solution to fit your project’s specifications.

Standard Beams and I-Beams

Standard beams and I-beams offer unbeatable strength and structural integrity. These beams are the backbone of countless construction projects, providing reliable support and stability for a wide range of applications.

Jumbo Beams

When your project demands exceptional strength and load capacity, jumbo beams are the answer. These heavy-duty beams deliver maximum support for large-scale constructions and industrial applications.

Miscellaneous Channel and Standard Channel

Our miscellaneous channel and standard channel options provide versatile solutions for framing, bracing, and other structural needs. With precise dimensions and top-grade materials, these channels ensure long-lasting performance.

Bar Channel

Bar channels are specialized sections offering excellent structural support for a variety of applications. Whether you’re building bridges or industrial facilities, bar channels provide the reinforcement you can rely on.

Structural Zees

For unique and custom applications, our structural zees offer the flexibility and strength required to meet your specific project requirements. These precision-engineered sections are crafted to deliver exceptional performance.

Extensive Inventory and Fast Turnaround

Chatham’s extensive inventory of structural steel shapes translates to fast turnarounds for our customers. Chatham Steel is always adding more HSS sizes and lengths, so check in with us for your specific job requirements. We also stock galvanized, stainless, and aluminum, and if there’s a special item we don’t have, we’ll find it quickly and easily, so there’s no worry for you.

Chatham Steel can help you minimize waste meeting your HSS requirements, and we will nest your lengths with our inventory. We can make a cut sheet with your piece marks or cut it to length and piece mark them for you.

With our extensive mill and vendor contacts, Chatham Steel offers a fast turnaround with precision cut-to-length services. We have all of the resources to make your custom requirements as smooth as standard orders. Mill Test Reports are available.

About Chatham Steel

Founded in 1915, and in continuous operation for over 108 years, Chatham Steel’s company culture and values are centered on leadership, service, accountability, adaptability, partnerships, with high standards for ethical business practices.After 80 years of being family-owned, Chatham Steel joined the Reliance Steel & Aluminum family in 1998, expanding inventory and processing services through network of 315 locations in 40 states and 12 countries outside of the US. Our steel processing services include value-added steel and metal processing in-house, as well as our extensive raw steel inventory.

At Chatham Steel, we offer a comprehensive selection of top-notch structural steel shapes and specialized steel products for your unique project requirements. Our dedication to precision, reliability, and customer satisfaction sets us apart as a leading metal shape supplier, with over 3,000 customers throughout North America and worldwide. Contact us today.

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